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Bright Living Room




Photography is the ultimate compliment of an architect and interior staging project. Lighting can set the mood and propel the viewer into the lifestyle that is proposed through staging.

When consideration is given to how the angle of the lens affects the feel for a
proper viewing, it can better help the viewer understand the proportion and flow of
the property.

In close communication with the owner/architect and stager of the property, the photographer understands the important highlights and will professionalize the viewing experience for the specific public.

This cannot be imitated with a quick walk-through with pictures taken by phone.

The experience of the online viewer is the specific success factor that will evolve into an appointment.

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Airy Dining Room



The way the camera moves through the tailored spaces is the choreography for the new and improved lifestyle of the new proprietor.

Video is like icing on the cake. Always showing the refined delicacy they didn't know they wanted but must-have.

The combination of moving images with sound spikes the happy memory card. Pulling in reality with bespoke 360 tours.

On-demand is what makes it even more personal. The journey can be enhanced and highlighted specifically on areas that matter to the new proprietor.

For one it can be the kitchen and how the light comes in at morning rise. For another, it can be the way the garden is part of the indoor-outdoor living.

The Videographer is set to give an experience to the viewer that they are not missing out and spike their curiosity.

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Aerial View of a Swimming Pool


For the creation of an open house, many things have already been organized within a property to make it stand out.

What is experienced within an event is solely for the purpose to enchant a new future proprietor.

Detailing an experience has everything to do with the “senses”.

The main goal is to have seen the property in such a way that all the senses have been enhanced and motivated positively.

Although the open house is one of the main events, how that experience is presented can be tailored to match the new proprietors.

Although the future proprietor has already been seduced by pictures and videos of the property, the enchantment, and falling in love with the property is ultimately staged through the event.

From a simple walk-through house tour to a culinary in-kitchen cook-off all the way
to a cocktail pool party. The event is the last bespoke signature of AMAVI.

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Infinity Pool
Public Relations


This edition to support the local real estate professionals, owners, and architects, will empower them to get the best exposure.

Choosing the best contracts with high-end magazines and TV channels that support the luxury lifestyle is what we stand for.

Possibilities for full profile spotlights in media channels are another compliment that can skyrocket exposure.

Taking into consideration that this can only be done with clients' best on-the-market properties that fit within the high-end market.

A for the client handsfree social media service is one of the additional plans that roll out of the above exposure plans.

Keeping in mind that all the media that roll out this service will primarily be owned by AMAVI (unless otherwise agreed) but generously deployed for the purpose of highlighting the client and/or property

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Bussinessman in Modern Office
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