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Countryside Road



This unique mooring land has the opportunity to go viral since it is right in the town of Tronadora and its road is a public one.


Location: Tronadora, Guanacaste

1 km from Tronadora, South East Area of the Lake

Lot Area: 7862 m2

Property Price: US$ 620.000

(US$ 78.86 m2)


Also well known for its summers when many drive down to its public mooring park. Because it is right next to that lake access point it creates a snug VIP commercial opportunity. That's why it is called Gold Mooring. Imagine this exceptional commercial opportunity is right in the heart of any eco-orientated investor. As Khriss states the price of this unique "lake access" Lot is sensational. Create a unique experience for a public restaurant, where you can arrive by with your boat and stop for a high-cuisine meal. You can even decide to stay in one of the cabins, with incredible views. Or imagine a family park with a zipline and eco-friendly water activities. Did I get your attention?


Let us know what you think, or if you want to have some more information.

A warm hug from our team!



Near Tronadora and Tilaran

Near Public Lake View and Access

Public Road




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