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Countryside Road



Johnny is the proud owner of this lot while also having a company that rents out construction machines for earth movement.


Location: Nuevo Arenal, Guanacaste

1 km from Nuevo Arenal, South North Area of the Lake

Lot Area: 8715 m2

Property Price: US$ 232.000

(US$ 26.62 m2)


Using his equipment to maintain this lot. With its three construction-ready platforms and stunning views, this lot truly is ready to go. Being on a public road while maintaining privacy the opportunity for a commercial build is not just a wish. When thinking of eco-tourism, a restaurant (roadside) with a few architectural stunning cabins to enjoy nature at its best, is a total concept, when the idea of three small fishing tanks complements the vision.


Already a well-thought-through concept when Johnny explains that the year-round freshwater

spring can keep the tanks going and oxygenated. A truly sustainable boutique hotel vision! Or create your own vision. The stunning nature and views will give you enough inspiration to realize any vision. Are you the investor to shake the hand of Johnny for this ready-to-go deal?!


Let us know what you think, or if you want to have

some more information or translation.

A warm hug from our team!



Near Tronadora and Tilaran

Near Public Lake View and Access

Public Road




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